Porter Ale House and Gastropub | Video Wall and Sound System

Scope of work:


  • Any input source routed to any output speaker zone
  • All weather indoor / outdoor speakers at 70v and 8ohm
  • Inputs: Aux Input, Computer, Cable Box, Cable Box 2
  • Outputs: Restaurant, Bar, Outdoor, Restrooms
  • Zone volumes controlled by 4 input / 4 output line-level matrix switcher
  • Amplifier volumes set during installation and enclosed with tamper-proof rack panels



  • Three HDTV’s installed on tiled articulating arm mounts
  • Any video input source routed to any HDTV
  • Video inputs: Digital Signage – Taplister, Cable box, Cable box 2, Computer
  • Video feeds controlled by 4 input / 4 output HDMI matrix switcher


The Porter Ale House and Gastropub hired Catamount AV to design a video signage system that will be displayed on three HDTV’s. The flat screens will display the industry application Taplister that provides a list and description of beers they have available. In addition, their HDTV’s can switch over to display cable television broadcasts or streaming content on their Apple TV.