LCD Projector Installation – Virginia College at Austin

•AV input wallplate with permanent connections.
The second VGA input is reserved for guest laptop.
No more plugging and unplugging the classroom PC!

•SP Controls Pixie Plus control panel.
The Pixie now controls the projector’s power, input source and video mute functions as well as speaker volume. No more remotes!

• JBL 24c Micro ceiling speakers.
These provide robust stereo sound and replace lackluster desktop computer speakers.


Previously instructors were having difficulties using their projectors. From class to class there was no telling how the wiring would be set up upon arrival. They also relied on a few elusive remote controls that circulated throughout the school. These conditions resulted in instructors fumbling with cables and sometimes having to stand on chairs to turn projectors on/off. Many of the projectors had been thrown out of alignment when Catamount arrived. Catamount installed a turn-key operational system that provided consistency and simplicity of use to their classroom AV systems. We were happy to create a professional system that any person can operate.

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