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Catamount recently overhauled the sound system at Frank, “a purveyor of artisan sausage”. Frank inhabits a very large space in the warehouse district of downtown  Austin. They feature live music and DJ sets and have an in-house speaker system for restaurant atmosphere. Their sound system was inherited from previous generations of restaurant owners that inhabited their space. As of late 2012 the sound system was in deplorable shape.

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There was around 16 speakers throughout the restaurant that were powered by two very precariously wired amplifiers. The slightest bumping or changing of settings on this system could cause the system to cut out completely.

Using a system of subtraction Catamount overhauled their sound system while still utilizing the Crown brand amplifiers the restaurant currently owned. The centerpiece was a 4-zone line-level mixer that enables the staff to send either iPod, Cable TV or DJ to any or all of the four areas of the restaurant.

The owners of Frank purchased an iPod with large storage capacity and Catamount created a tamper-proof equipment rack that enabled the end-user to control volumes in a simplified manner.