Cherrywood Coffeehouse | Multi-Zone Audio System

Scope of work:

  • Any input source routed to any output speaker zone
  • All weather indoor / outdoor speakers at 8ohm
  • Inputs: Aux Input, DJ, Cable Box, Cable Box 2
  • Outputs: Restaurant Front, Restaurant Back, Outdoor, Annex Room
  • All equipment rack mounted, cables concealed
  • Zone volumes controlled by 4 input / 4 output line-level matrix switcher
  • Amplifier volumes set during installation and enclosed with tamper-proof rack panels

Catamount installed an audio system at one of Andrew’s most frequented spots, Cherrywood Coffeehouse. This system allows for four restaurant zones (Dining, Side Room, Patio and Performance Space) to be controlled individually.

Off all of our clients, Cherrywood puts the multi-zone audio design to use the most frequently. It is common to have music playing in the restaurant while a yoga class quietly takes place in the side room. Other times we have seen sports events or TV shows on view inside while outdoor diners continue to listen to music.

In these photos from Instagram we see the cafe a short time after our install and then after they added their paper lantern decor. As usual the speakers are unobtrusive and the sound has a nice tone at different volumes.

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