Wiring Panel and HDTV Installation

Data Closet
We recently went down to New Braunfels TX to work on a home in the picturesque hill country not far from the Guadalupe River. This home was wired for internet, multiple phone lines, cable television and speakers. The client had recently purchased this home and was overwhelmed by his wiring panel overflowing with a mess of cables. All this multimedia descended on a closet that housed Cat5, telephone and powered splitter boxes for the coax cable. To make things more difficult the cables were not labeled in any way. Using our test equipment we were able to identify the right cables and send cable tv and internet to the right rooms. We also thinned out old cabling and organized his wiring panel for future use.

Plasma Install
In addition we hung a 46" plasma television on his mantle. In the same room we patched Direct TV from the aforementioned panel to a location close to his audio-visual components.

Surround Sound
Luckily this home had a living room that was already equipped with five ceiling mounted speakers! In no time he was up and running with with room shaking 5.1 Surround Sound.