img_5387The word Catamount is another name for Cougar or Puma. It has its origins in New England where a local legend speaks of a reclusive but formidable feline.

Catamount AV's owner, Andrew Basile began his journey in technology as a musician. In 2000 he graduated from The Berklee College of Music in Boston MA with a degree in Music Production and Engineering. Playing guitar led Andrew to a lifetime love of recording technology which ultimately let him to the the world of audio-visual integration.

Since 2004 Andrew has worked for commercial audio-visual companies and an installer/technician before starting Catamount AV in 2009. He has worked for clients as wide ranging as The Nature Conservancy, Dell, Rackspace, National Instruments, Bose, Boston University, Gillette, Philips Medical, Samsung and the University of Texas at Austin.

When Andrew is not working at Catamount AV he enjoys playing guitar and performing at Coldtowne Theater in Austin.